Snowshoe tours

The snow crunches under your snowshoes, as you cross a clearing in the forest with your colleagues, hiking over virgin snow fields, on which millions of ice crystals sparkle at you in the sunshine. "Impressive" is definitely the right word to describe this!

We would also be happy to set a sporting goal for you, with a peak and a position, for example, where you can also abseil. At the start of the tour, your mountain guide briefly explains the correct walking technique, then the binding on the snowshoes is secured and you are good to go.

Snow is not particularly critical for the tours, so they can take place really early or very late in the winter season.


  • Your mountain guide gives you a warm welcome at the hotel and you take the shuttle to the mountain.
  • Once you have arrived at the starting point, the mountain guide hands out the snowshoes and helps you to put them on. Today's high-tech materials make the bindings very comfortable and best-suited to each snowshoe. Also, the snowshoe itself is very light, so you will have forgotten about the "bear paws" on your feet in no time at all!
  • When everyone has found two matching poles, you are good to go!
  • You sink into the snow so little with the snowshoes that you can reach regions in the winter that skiers on ski tours can conquer. Millions of snow crystals glint at you in the sunlight on virgin snow slopes, and the views of the other mountain peaks or into the valley are usually magnificent. A truly special nature experience! Perfect to "clear your head" after a conference.
  • You are genuinely far away from everything in this place and can enjoy the mountain with your colleagues! Our mountain guides are on the go in their own mountain areas and always pick special tours (according to how much time you have got!)
starting at€ 69,-
November - April
2 – 6 hours
5 – 50 persons
  • normal level of physical fitness
  • a little stamina
  • sturdy climbing boots (so that the snowshoes can be fastened to them)