Ski touring and freeriding

Dare to step out into deep snow with your team! Experience virgin snowscapes in front of an impressive mountain backdrop! Even deep-snow newbies have the opportunity to ski off-piste. The sole precondition is that all participants can ski confidently on red pistes in the skiing area. For freeriding, you use the ski-lifts in the skiing area and therefore need to climb for only short stretches. On ski touring trips, first of all you climb, assisted by ski touring skis and skins, and then you move off, after a cosy break, through virgin snow slopes. Assisted by our mountain guides, this is a highlight on selected tours that you will be slow to forget! And you can then finish the shared experience in an authentic cabin, with Kaasspatzen (cheesy noodles), Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli with a spinach and ricotta filling) and Kaiserschmarren (a type of shredded pancake).


  • Can all of your colleagues ski really well (confidently on a red piste) and have they not yet skied off-piste? Then there is nothing to stop them from taking part in a ski or freeriding tour!
  • Before the start of the tour we make a note of your sizes and bring the appropriate skis with us.
  • Then we go by coach to the mountain. The freeriding skiers use the lift facilities to shorten the ascent with the help of the gondolas. Your mountain guides know their way around best and have picked a simple descent for you. Obviously, you practice skiing parallel in deep snow off-piste beforehand, and then nothing more stands in the way of a ride in the valley!
  • The shuttle takes the ski tour skiers a little closer to the mountain. At the starting point, the skins are fitted onto the skis and you are good to go up the mountain. If possible, we try to take a break at a cabin at the end of the ascent.
  • After we have had some refreshments, the skins are now stowed away again in the rucksack and we go down into the valley over virgin slopes.
  • A shuttle awaits and takes everyone back to the hotel after an exciting day!
starting at€ 69,-
December - March
2 – 5 hours
5 – 30 persons
  • safe skiing by all participants on red pistes