Igloo building

The last stone, right on the top of the roof, still needs to go on. A colleague - nearly a pro, by now - cuts it into a more-or-less octagonal shape, so that it fits almost perfectly. The two colleagues in the igloo cover everything from the inside, and then it's ready: your first team igloo! Under the instruction of your outdoor trainer and using the right "tool", your igloo has developed into a small "architectural masterpiece"! It was also exciting for the team. Who takes on which task or which role and where can they make the best contribution? An example of superb team-building, in any case! How about finishing off with a glass of mulled wine or a cheese fondue? Or an overnight stay? In the igloo village, there is even a whirlpool in front of the door and cosy warm sleeping bags.


  • Your mountain shuttle is already waiting for you in front of the hotel and takes you to the valley station. The mountain railway goes right up to the Zugspitze, for example. From the last train stop, it is just a few minutes walk to the igloo village. The construction site, which is rebuilt every winter and contains 20 "ice rooms", all of which are designed quite differently, is well worth seeing. You can take a breather here and get something hot to drink. The reception hall, which is over 5 m high, is worth a brief visit, in any case, before you start!
  • Everything is now already prepared in front of the igloo village. The snow blocks are already cut and and the space for the igloos has been freshly rolled.
  • Groups of approx. 5 to 8 persons now set about building an igloo. It's not at all easy to begin with ... first of all, your guide shows you approximately how big the igloo will be , the proper way to lay the blocks and how the spaces should be properly covered.
  • Without teamwork it won't work. Who is responsible for sawing the blocks so they fit precisely? Who is responsible for checking the angle? And who is responsible for closing the snow gaps between the individual blocks?
  • The end product usually looks great and, on the whole, you can give full rein to your imagination when it comes to the subject of "individual façade design". You don't get anything better for team-building than this!
  • After this great experience, under no circumstances should you miss the fondue with mulled wine in the big ice reception hall of the igloo. It's simply delicious!
starting at€ 79,-
December - April
ca. 4 hours
5 – 50 persons
  • none