Ice-stock shooting and curling

The main thing here is to have fun on the ice. But there should be no lack of competitive spirit, as each group wants to win, after all.

Ice-stock shooting is suitable for very heterogeneous teams, as sporting ability is not the priority here. First of all, the participants are given an insight into the rules and technique of ice-stock shooting. After a brief training session, the sliding becomes more confident and an exciting tournament begins.

Curling is somewhat more of a sport. But you can even play this with some success after a short time. The broom is steadily swept to bring the stone into the centre.


  • Wrapped up nice and warm, we head off from the hotel for the lake or ice sports centre, where your trainer welcomes you to the day's event.
  • The ice-stock sheets are already prepared and there is a short introduction, so that you can start straight away with the right technique. Obviously, your trainer continues to show you tips and tricks!
  • The goal of ice-stock shooting is to get as close as possible to the "taube" (this is what the round rubber disc in the centre is called) with your own ice-stock.
  • As part of the game, you are totally allowed to "shoot" an opponent's ice-stock.
  • By contrast, with curling, two teams try to slide their curling stone closer than the opposing team to the centre of a circular target area on an ice sheet. In this game, the opponent can also be "shoved to the side", obviously.
  • Once the rules are clear and you have completed the first trial rounds, the competition can begin.
  • Who will manage to get the "taube" closest to the circular target area?
  • Everyone is bound to be desperate to do it! And after hours of excitement on the ice, you must have a proper refreshment break!
starting at€ 29,-
December - March
2 – 4 hours
5 – 35 persons
  • none