Cross-country skiing

So you think cross-country skiing is boring? Far from it! We'll show you. In the beginning, it is not so easy to move forwards on the "narrow" boards. But the pros are happy to assist you. And once you start to feel a bit more confident, you are good to go on the cross-country course and your team competition can begin!


  • Your cross-country skiing trainer welcomes you at the hotel and then you take the shuttle to the cross-country skiing centre.
  • We have asked for your shoe and clothing sizes beforehand, so that the equipment can be hired quickly.
  • When everyone has found "their" shoes, the shoes are fastened with binding in the snow at the first practice place.
  • Your cross-country skiing trainer now practices the first steps with you How do you stop, how do you ski down the mountain, how do you skate, and how do you properly coordinate your arms and legs? -All of this is now in your programme!
  • You will see that after the first uncertain steps, you soon start to feel confident and with a couple of tricks from the pro, it gets even easier!
  • Now you turn a few rounds on the cross-country ski track. In many places, you have the choice of staying on the course or of skiing far away from the hustle and bustle off-piste, accompanied by your trainer.
  • If everyone starts to feel really confident on their skis, a competition can be organised. Management versus staff? Sales versus marketing? In any case, the day will offer a sporting challenge and be a heap of fun to boot!
  • If the sun is still shining out of a cloudless blue sky, this is bound to be a an exceptionally exciting day on the mountain!
starting at€ 65,-
January - March
2 – 6 hours
5 – 25 persons
  • normal physical fitness
  • a little stamina
  • skiing experience (Alpine or cross-country) an advantage, but not absolutely compulsory