Your biathlon event dispenses a double dose of fun. On the cross-country course, you hunt with your pulse racing and then ... clear the targets.

Your event will take place in Seefeld or Garmisch - which are usually pros-only training spots! The cross-country skiers then go to the shooting range. And it is not at all easy to hit a shooting target from a distance of 20 meters with a raised pulse! But you don't have to be a pro to be successful, and competing with colleagues is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!


  • We start today with a short shuttle ride from the hotel to the biathlon facility.
  • Our trainer gives us a brief induction for that day and explains the facility, the shooting ranges and the course.
  • Your guide now helps you to select the right skis, boots and pole for skate skiing. Then the skate skiing training commences. If you already know how to ski or do cross-country skiing, it will certainly be easier, but even novices, who have not yet stood on the "boards" and are a little bit sporty, usually cope after a short training session.
  • Now it gets really exciting, as we are introduced to the shooting range. Lying down, it's not as hard as it looks, if you are using a rest. Even if the target is 50 m away and has a diameter of only 10 cm, just like the pros!
  • At the shooting range, you have to keep your pulse under control, take a deep breath, shoot and score five hits if possible! Just like the pros. What a great experience!
  • And, obviously, you've got to have a competition on a day like this. Who competes against whom? Bosses versus staff? Men versus women? In any case, it's bound to be a fantastic day on the mountain
starting at€ 75,-
December - April
3 – 5 hours
5 – 50 persons
  • normal physical fitness
  • skiing (Alpine or cross-country) an advantage, but not absolutely compulsory