The ice cracks and splits as you carefully place your crampon a step higher. Your ice tool glides on the ice for the last time, you find the right balance and have soon reached the end of the ice climbing route. Your colleagues at the standpoint applaud: what an experience!
Even absolute beginners can take their first steps on the ice without experiencing any problems. Obviously, we select fairly simple waterfalls for these tours. Here, the ice is not yet quite vertical, so climbing is easier and is a lot of fun to do. The mountain guide instructs you in the right technique, gives you a couple of tips, and then you are good to go climbing! You are, of course, secured while you are climbing, to ensure that nothing untoward can happen.

The snow crunches under your snowshoes, as you cross a clearing in the forest with your colleagues, hiking over virgin snow fields, on which millions of ice crystals sparkle at you in the sunshine. "Impressive" is definitely the right word to describe this!

We would also be happy to set a sporting goal for you, with a peak and a position, for example, where you can also abseil. At the start of the tour, your mountain guide briefly explains the correct walking technique, then the binding on the snowshoes is secured and you are good to go.

Snow is not particularly critical for the tours, so they can take place really early or very late in the winter season.

A minimum of 16 paws and 4 cold noses greet you on this outdoor day! In selected regions, you and your team can experience a husky adventure in the winter. There are usually 4 dogs pulling a sledge. But before you set off on the marked trail, the musher (the driver of the dog sledge) introduces the sledge and sledge clamp. To finish, you try out the relevant commands. And then? - The husky sledge rides with you. Be sure to wrap up warm!
The husky tour can be combined easily with igloo building! While part of the group rides on the sledge, the other participants can build the igloo, and then they can swap over.

The last stone, right on the top of the roof, still needs to go on. A colleague - nearly a pro, by now - cuts it into a more-or-less octagonal shape, so that it fits almost perfectly. The two colleagues in the igloo cover everything from the inside, and then it's ready: your first team igloo! Under the instruction of your outdoor trainer and using the right "tool", your igloo has developed into a small "architectural masterpiece"! It was also exciting for the team. Who takes on which task or which role and where can they make the best contribution? An example of superb team-building, in any case! How about finishing off with a glass of mulled wine or a cheese fondue? Or an overnight stay? In the igloo village, there is even a whirlpool in front of the door and cosy warm sleeping bags.

The main thing here is to have fun on the ice. But there should be no lack of competitive spirit, as each group wants to win, after all.

Ice-stock shooting is suitable for very heterogeneous teams, as sporting ability is not the priority here. First of all, the participants are given an insight into the rules and technique of ice-stock shooting. After a brief training session, the sliding becomes more confident and an exciting tournament begins.

Curling is somewhat more of a sport. But you can even play this with some success after a short time. The broom is steadily swept to bring the stone into the centre.

Your biathlon event dispenses a double dose of fun. On the cross-country course, you hunt with your pulse racing and then ... clear the targets.

Your event will take place in Seefeld or Garmisch - which are usually pros-only training spots! The cross-country skiers then go to the shooting range. And it is not at all easy to hit a shooting target from a distance of 20 meters with a raised pulse! But you don't have to be a pro to be successful, and competing with colleagues is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

So you think cross-country skiing is boring? Far from it! We'll show you. In the beginning, it is not so easy to move forwards on the "narrow" boards. But the pros are happy to assist you. And once you start to feel a bit more confident, you are good to go on the cross-country course and your team competition can begin!

Ski-jumping - as a lay person? Don't worry, you won't be jumping from the ski-jumps the pros use. But they will be watching you! It is incredibly fascinating to sit at a height of 20 meters on the original take-off board with original skis and look down into the depths. This is enough to make anyone catch their breath for a moment, that's for sure! In the Oberstdorf ski arena, there is a small beginners' ski-jump, along with the two big ones. Trainee pros train here - from the age of 7! If you and your colleagues ski (that's the precondition), you can take your first jump here. You can "fly" five or six meters from here. This is bound to be a very special highlight!

Dare to step out into deep snow with your team! Experience virgin snowscapes in front of an impressive mountain backdrop! Even deep-snow newbies have the opportunity to ski off-piste. The sole precondition is that all participants can ski confidently on red pistes in the skiing area. For freeriding, you use the ski-lifts in the skiing area and therefore need to climb for only short stretches. On ski touring trips, first of all you climb, assisted by ski touring skis and skins, and then you move off, after a cosy break, through virgin snow slopes. Assisted by our mountain guides, this is a highlight on selected tours that you will be slow to forget! And you can then finish the shared experience in an authentic cabin, with Kaasspatzen (cheesy noodles), Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli with a spinach and ricotta filling) and Kaiserschmarren (a type of shredded pancake).

These sledging tracks let you go a lot faster than the cosy toboggan runs on the practice hill back home. Here, the snow crunches under the runners of your sledge, while you wind your way with your colleagues through well-prepared right and left combinations and various hairpin bends. What an experience!

We have discovered and tested great sledging opportunities in the most diverse locations in the Alps. Some of the descents are several meters long and are mostly very well prepared. What would you think of a gondola ride, followed by a short walk to an authentic cabin with Speckknödel (bacon dumplings) and other delicacies, and a final lightning descent under floodlights into the valley?

Up to 120 km/h, a bunch of airflow and a proper dose of adrenalin are the exciting "ingredients" for bobsleighing through the ice track! On our selected bob runs, you have the opportunity to sledge through the ice track with a pro in the winter. Special bobsleighs are usually used for this, which are covered with foam fabric on the inside. This makes the vigorous ride a little more "comfortable". The lightning speed and the centrifugal force on the ride are truly incredible, and we are absolutely certain that this experience will be a talking point with your entire team for a long time to come!