Trekking tours

There is absolutely no need for mountain trekking tours to be boring! Have you ever experienced a mountain sunrise? When the sky turns pink and the first rays of the sun begin to "peep around the corner"? This is a truly magnificent nature show!

Or how about a torchlit hike in the moonlight? Torchlit hikes through a gorge are also a special highlight! Especially if the gates are opened just for you and you are guaranteed to be alone on the mountain with your colleagues! And a tour would not be complete without mulled wine to finish!


  • We find dawn and torchlit hikes to be particularly exciting. But tours are also great for "blowing away the cobwebs" and putting the team in a good mood - in the afternoon of a tiring conference day, for instance, when all you want to do is stretch your legs! Your hiking guide picks you up from the hotel, depending on when your trekking tour is due to start. You can often set off straight from the hotel, but sometimes we organise a shuttle, so that it doesn't take too long to get to the mountain.
  • We are happy to advise you on how long the tour should take, so that everyone can go and no one feels out of their depth.
  • Torchlit hikes: On a torchlit hike, the torches are first of all handed out and lit at the departure point.
  • It is always impressive to see how a great atmosphere spreads in the glow of numerous torches. "Mystically romantic" is perhaps the best way to describe the mood in the glow of the flames. It is always surprising to see how bright a torch shines in the winter landscape with the snow's reflection.
  • Accompanied by your hiking guide, who knows his way around best, the shining chain of lights climbs slowly up part of the mountain.
  • Obviously, at the end of this sort of tour, you simply must have a glass of mulled wine!
  • This sort of hike combines well with an authentic cabin evening. In any case, dumplings, Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli with a spinach and ricotta filling) or Kaiserschmarren (a type of shredded pancake) are well worth the minor effort of the climb! And in winter, if there is enough snow, you can finish off by dashing down into the valley on sledges. In summer, we are happy to arrange a horse-drawn carriage to take you back to the valley. Or how about a ride on a unimog?
  • Dawn hikes: Yes, it's early! And some participants are sure to ask why we start so early. But even the late risers will be enthused the minute you stand on the mountain with the sky a shade of delicate pink turning into gold. When you see the sun for the first time over the mountain peaks, this is a very special moment for your team. It's great to combine the hike with breakfast in an authentic alpine restaurant with fresh milk, home-made cheese and bread! There's no better way than to start a conference day completely "on the ball"!
starting at€ 49,-
January - December
1 – 5 hours
5 – 60 persons
  • a little stamina
  • if possible: sturdy climbing boots