You link the carabiner to the steel rope for the last time, and then it's done. You are standing on the summit cross with your colleagues! The view that extends over the many other Alpine peaks and downwards into the valleys with their tiny houses and roads is certainly impressive! To have reached the first peak with the help of a via ferrata is always a special team-building experience that you will be slow to forget. Via ferratas are most definitely not just for pros. You don't have to be super fit to go on great tours along these paths. Have a go. It's worth it!

There is absolutely no need for mountain trekking tours to be boring! Have you ever experienced a mountain sunrise? When the sky turns pink and the first rays of the sun begin to "peep around the corner"? This is a truly magnificent nature show!

Or how about a torchlit hike in the moonlight? Torchlit hikes through a gorge are also a special highlight! Especially if the gates are opened just for you and you are guaranteed to be alone on the mountain with your colleagues! And a tour would not be complete without mulled wine to finish!

Hikes over vast glaciers are always impressive. You move in a rope team, just like a pro, with crampons on your hiking boots, and can even get to the top of small peaks. To keep the thrills coming, you can abseil away from your colleagues into the crevasse of a glacier and see the blue ice shimmering in the depths!

Climbing actually looks much harder than it is! Even absolute beginners, who don't frequent the gym three times a week, can cope with less challenging climbing routes. And little compares with the feeling you get when you reach the top for the first time! The mutual support of colleagues makes a day on the rock a very special team experience. To start with, the mountain guide gives an introduction, clarifying the equipment and showing you what you need to watch out for. After a few tips on how to conserve your energy while climbing, you are good to go!

This is where the hunters and gathers get their money's worth! Using cards, notes or photos, the objective is for each group to recognise and find the next stage on the way to the goal. You can also use your GPS devices on the treasure hunt.

In South Tyrol, we have found the perfect location for our "Adventure Day". On this outdoor day, we bring together all the fun of the mountain! You can experience everything you need to promote team spirit and create a bond between you and your colleagues, from raft building across a via ferrata to a climbing wall and an exciting suspension bridge! This is bound to be a hit with everyone!

Biathlon in the summer? Yes, exactly, biathlon in the summer! Although the snow has now gone from the mountains, with the help of a bicycle, roller blades or a Segway, you can clear a course to arrive at the shooting range. This is where it gets serious: concentrate, breathe in, take aim and ... hit the bull's-eye! You will see that the biathlon is a lot of fun, even in summer, and is suitable for competitions of up to 150 people. You will see that the biathlon is a lot of fun, even in summer, and is suitable for competitions of up to 150 people.

You are bound to be familiar with Segways as a fun mode of transport for sightseeing tours in big cities. But have you ever had a Segway mountain experience? With their special tyres, these electric transporters ride easily over woodland paths and gravel tracks, both uphill and downhill! The perfect mode of transport to get to mountain pastures or a climbing wall. You simply must try this out with your team!

Bobsleighing - in the summer? Yes, you can do this too! Even pros practice on our select bob runs in the summer. And you have the chance to hurtle down the run with one of them in a four-man bobsleigh. When you ride with the pros, the speed is incredible, and we are sure all the participants will experience quite a spike in their adrenalin levels!