Sample case study of one of our clients in Stubai

Sample case study of one of our clients: 5-day corporate event in Stubai Valley

So that you can get an idea of what we do, we would like to present you with a sample case study of one of our clients (with the company's consent), selected from the many events that we organise.

Company goal

Headquartered in the Netherlands, our customer, Arcadis, is a big international company. Collaboration within Europe was to be strengthened under a new structure and new management. The members of this new European management level knew each other only vaguely from various meetings. The goals were as follows: colleagues were to get to know each other at close quarters and the foundation stone was to be laid for a sound team structure in the future.

Implementation of the event

In consultation with ARCADIS, we decided on a mixture of mountain activities, coaching units (some of which also took place in the mountain location) and a programme of social activities in the evening that offered both authenticity and fine food.
The detailed programme is available as a PDF.

Agenda (only in German)


Feedback from our client

“The team event was a good mix between content discussions and outdoor activity. Especially the outdoor part was very insightful, as it put us together in a completely different setting and helped us to take a different perspective on our cooperation and success as a team. The organization of the three days went perfect: Everything was carefully arranged, with a lot of variation in the program.”

W. Verbruggen, CEO Germany


What did you enjoy about the event overall?
The impressive experience in the Alps made this team-building exercise unforgettable!

How satisfied were you with the conception and implementation of the event?
We received professional advice and planning, a varied programme and expert on-site support.

Was it helpful to have us on site?
Your on-site support was professional, friendly and competent; this is important for things to run smoothly!

F. Schneider, Member of the Executive Board


«De très beaux moments passés ensemble. Vos grandes qualités d’organisatrice et d’accompagnatrice ont été unanimement saluées. Je vous souhaite pleine réussite dans tout ce que vous entreprenez.»
P. Souaid, Président France

“I meanwhile heard that it was a very good event and very well organized! Thank you, Stefanie, for all the hard work. I really enjoyed working with you! And if there is an occasion in the future, I will definitely phone you!”
P. Soetebier, Secretary Executive Board


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