"There is nothing more constant than change." Heraclitus, 500 B.C.

2,500 years later, the corporate world could scarcely be better characterised …

There are certainly numerous reasons for "snags" in work processes and a working environment that could often do with distinct improvement.

Maybe you are also familiar with some of the causes from your experience:

  • Following mergers, different cultures clash.
  • Teams are reshuffled and have to "find" themselves initially.
  • New management takes over.
  • New strategies are set out for the company.
  • "Virtual teams" face the challenge of physical distance between individual team members and management staff.
  • The lateral management structure in a project group leads to problems with accepting the team leader.
  • Teams that are put together in a diversified way are taxed with too many cultural differences.

Staff motivation goes down significantly in these rebuilding phases, and with it the performance level. In this context, coaching can contribute considerably to heading off such "dents in performances", as management and teams are supported in directing their energies towards the new demands made of them – to ensure the success of the company.

Individual programme – directed towards your goals

Every company, every team and every manager faces individual challenges that have to be overcome. For this reason, we develop a completely individual coaching method for you – on the mountain and in the reflection of your experience. Let's talk about the bespoke programme we can develop for you. Get in touch!

"Mountain" element

The "mountain" element obviously plays a central role in our work. People have been forming mountain "rope teams" from time immemorial. In the challenging mountain world, people get to know each other on another level, in the raw, and far away from everyday office life. To be able to rely on each other, take care of each other, build mutual trust, share moving impressions and be proud of the things you achieve together – these are the ingredients for creating happy and productive staff.

We know how this spirit can be experienced by you and your staff, through tailor-made coaching and team-building methods at selected mountain locations, and how this shared experience can be transferred to your corporate world in the long term.

We are specialists in the three big coaching challenges faced by many companies. You can select your specific company focus from the following areas: