What are the benefits of holding a mountain team event?

Versatility on the mountain

Mountain events offer countless opportunities to do a wide variety of things: Have you ever gone along a via ferrata in the summer, for example? Or abseiled into a crevasse on a glacier? Or gone climbing?
How about ice climbing in the winter or hiking in snowshoes?

Take a look at our summer and winter events to see all of the exciting mountain activities available!

Conference included

Our clients often combine an event with a conference. We work with carefully selected hotels to unite the latest conference technology with Tyrolean charm and proximity to the mountain. Or you could opt for something completely different: a self-catering cabin in the mountains. A real highlight!

Interesting social programme

Every exciting event is accompanied by a programme of social activities in the evening that is sure to be a talking point for a long time to come. This could be an aperitif on a raft, a medieval knight's banquet in a cellar vault, alpenhorn blowers on a lake, a sledging tour, Kaasspatzen (cheesy noodles) in an authentic mountain cabin … the list is endless. We would be happy to put together a few individual suggestions for you!

Popular mountain locations

Many of our corporate clients come from Germany, so the journey should not take too long. We would be happy to show you a few places that are easy to get to and which also offer a full programme of social activities. This will give you the perfect mixture of wonderful accommodation, an interesting social programme and exciting mountain activities.
We would, of course, be happy to organise the event at your "location of choice", too!

Variable group sizes

The sizes of the groups for our events vary widely. We can organise (almost) anything, from small groups of 5 to 10 to bigger events with over 100 people. We would be happy to arrange a complete programme for you, including a conference, programme of social activities, accommodation etc. What matters to us is that you get a comprehensive one-stop service and have nothing to worry about! 

State registered mountain and hiking guides for mountain safety

So that we can provide you with a high level of mountain safety, we only work with experienced state registered mountain and hiking guides.

For you to get an idea of what we do, we have selected a team-building event that we would be happy to present to you as an example of our work: Example Stubai.