Looking for a team event with a difference?

So, you're looking for an exciting event for your company, department or team? You've seen all the local sights. You've gone go-karting.

You want something new

You need something new that will help to bring the members of your team together! Something that, in all likelihood, most of your colleagues and staff will not yet have tried.

Have you ever considered organising a mountain event?

Discover the benefits of a mountain event!

You would like to organise the event yourself but, due to work commitments, you simply haven't got the time?

No problem, that's what we are here for!

We would be happy to take over the entire organisation of your event: from finding a suitable hotel and sorting out conference options right through to arranging an exciting programme of social activities, including sports and culinary treats. Because we see ourselves as a full-service provider.

We are also happy to seek out a suitable coach, should you wish to work on individual subjects during your event. We work with selected coaches, who have years of expertise in your individual field.